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The Lydian Labs Vision

Lydian Labs envisions a world where commerce can flow freely between the digital and the physical worlds. One where separation is a myth, and the integration of fiat and crypto is as seamless as passing cash from one hand to the other.

The Lydian People, A Story of Money

In the year 600 BCE, the Lydian people were the first civilization to mint coins and setup storefronts in their kingdom; with that, they invented what essentially became modern day commerce. One can only imagine how insane it must’ve been, proposing to equate value of labor and time to a piece of electrum, allowing people to trade their efforts for physical objects. Yet when we talk about money today, it all seems so normal and functional that it would be crazy to suggest otherwise.

The same can be said about the world of Web3. The concept of BTC, ETH, and even USDT may sound like magic internet money, but it is closer to reality than most realize. Hence, this was why Lydian Labs was born. We do not believe that the crypto economy is a fad, instead we view it as the next natural evolution of commerce. As the world transitions into the digital space, we want to be there to help everyone mint their own coins, set up their own metaverse-storefronts, and help usher in the next generation of trade.


Everything Web 3, under one roof.

Tech Advisory

Providing tech solutions in the Web3 space allowing access to brands seamlessly. From building smart contracts down to execution and maintenance, we provide full coverage on everything blockchain.


With a team that has worked with some of the biggest brands from Tencent, Bilibili, League of Legends, BMW, Mobile Legends, and more within the Web3 space, we bring decades of collective consulting experience to the table.

Content & Branding

Now, more than ever, optics matter for any endeavour in the world of Web3. Our team of content and branding experts name a portfolio of corporations like PepsiCo, L’Oreal, and many more. This equates to a team that is not just good at putting fancy words together, but also making sure that they stick in everyone’s heads.

Legal Navigation

Our team of legal experts can advise companies on navigating the strange waters of the legality of the web3 world, ranging from non-disclosure and service agreements, to a full suite trademark search and registration process.

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